​As we come to the halfway mark of 2021, we find ourselves in the middle of a raging fire. I am writing this newsletter from Sunbury Christian Campsite 15km inland from Zinkwazi on the KZN north coast. We were asked at the beginning of this year if our family could come and stay during the month of July to help out while the camp manager and his family returned to the USA on leave. It was also an opportunity for our family to see what life is like at Sunbury.

Little did we know what would be happening all around us right now at this time. Durban, the North coast and KZN inland areas are being hit by a massive wave of riots, fire and looting. Shopping malls and entire towns are being emptied by thousands of looters who are being spurred on by an initial political event, but now by a general desperate and permissive environment that the security forces are battling to contain.

This comes on the back of the large increase of COVID cases as the area goes through a third wave of infections. Because of the sudden staff shortage and stock issues due to the rioting and road closures, the province is in turmoil.

We suddenly find ourselves taking stock of all the food available onsite as we realise that it will be difficult to get food for a while.

But we serve an incredible God who loves us even more than we can imagine love to be like. Sunbury has its own borehole and generator which was a great blessing at this time. Our Father placed us safely here at this specific time for …”For such a time as this” Esther 4:14.

We have felt a calling to pray for wisdom and peace at this time………especially as we make ourselves available to care for and help our affected neighbors. Including all those families and staff dependant on us, and the bible school teachers who need food and airtime. May our deeds shine His light where it is needed.

Where His light shines the darkness will flee.

Bible schools and ZEMA

At the beginning this year we started up the 3 Zion bible schools after the January lock down, with one of those schools changing it’s venue because of restrictions. And the student numbers were steadily increasing to where they were pre COVID. Then we closed again this month because of our new lockdown regulations. Although the stop/start operations of bible schools has been disruptive, the eagerness of the students remains high, and we have stayed connected with them to provide encouragement and study materials in various ways.

Kim has also been busy helping with ZEMA’s online presence and providing assistance wherever she can to their media team. I also had the opportunity to attend the annual Zebs teachers conference at Sunbury in May. Without a vehicle for the trip, God provided a friend’s motorcycle for me to use……..I enjoyed that ride up the coast from Durban.

At our local church we continue to navigate the various states of COVID restrictions, as we stay involved with leading our Life group, Kids ministry team and keeping our worship band commitments. We have found a peace in worship especially over this time and encourage you to continue worshiping God and singing His praises even through the storm that we find all around us.

But you are holy, O you that inhabit the praises of Israel. Psalm 22v3

Please pray for the following………

Wisdom and Peace, as we find God’s will …”For such a time as this”.

Guidance and provision for our Gondola business, as this has not been able to recover to the level of support it was for our family and staff. This is mainly due to the COVID lockdowns during our peak seasons. Our operation is now closed due to the state of unrest in Durban.

Thank you all for your support and prayers

God is the God of Love and Hope, and we can rely totally on His unchanging character.

“Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or even imagine.” Eph 3:20


Where His Light Shines

the Darkness will flee.

IN His Hands,

Jeff, Kim, Jaden, Ryan, Luke and Tori